Urbanisation Mont Lloret


Our main aim is to carry out the development of the Urbanisation since on 14 May 1990, constituted the "Joint of Compensation of the Urbanizació Mont Lloret" in public writing in front of the Notary of Barcelona D.Joaquín Albí García, inscribed in the Register of Entities Urbanísticas Collaborators of Girona with the number 608, fólio 3, volume 5.

Since in 1995 it suspended the initial approval of "Partial Plan of Ordination of the sector Mont Lloret" by the City council of Lloret of Sea, drafted the Project of adaptation of the Partial Plan Mont Lloret being published in the BOP of Girona on 17 January 2001.
On 6 June 2004 it approved definitively the Text Refundido by the Commission.
On 6 February 2004 it publishes the definite approval in the DOGC.
In date 4 May 2004 presents the Project of Urbanisation in the City council , which in date 16 December 2004 suspended the processing of the Sector Mont Lloret (Clau 3ª B).
Since it has come struggling by our rights and claiming them oponiéndonos to the cut of the Urbanisation by means of manifestations in front of the City council and communiqués to the media pertinenetes. We have informed to the parcelistas of the performances of the Joint regarding the Approval of the Modification of the General Plan of the Municipality of Lloret (POUM) by the City council and the repercussions that this can bring to our Urbanisation.
In front of this presented Resource of Height in front of the Conseller of Territorial Politics and Public Works.
Independently it initiated Contentious Resource-Administrative.
The ultimo Sunday of the month of 10:00 to 12:00 h in the Office of Information of the Urbanisation attend personally to all the parcelistas, with the end that among all and by means of the collaboration of all make possible the desarroyo, the convivencia and the welfare in "MONT LLORET", of the cual there is resolution in date 09 December 2009.



It contacts with the joint

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